Company X Films Services



From concept to script development, we work closely with you and our writers and creators to refine your ideas into compelling, easily understandable and impactful visual stories. .



Our experienced team takes care of and manages all aspects of production. This includes budget management, casting, crew-hiring, set design, filming and post production.



We have in-house facilities to cater to all your post production needs including editing, sound design, ADR, music, visual effects and graphics.


Filming and Gear

We have a basic studio with capacity to shoot podcasts, green screen and simple basic set-ups for corporate or digital content. Our inhouse filming equipment allows for versality and impromptu on the go production for those unexpected projects. 

Together, let's craft cinematic art that resonates profoundly

We are here to help you create your worth and propel the worthiness of your ideas, celebrate your creativity, and collaborate with you to bring your vision to the forefront.